“Luxury can be very simple, and need not be expensive. It can also be a discovery at a flea market or an especially nice moment.”
Sven Götti

Götti eyewear are designed in Switzerland and delivered to specialty shops in more than 30 countries. A majority of the 20 employees at headquarters in Wädenswil are trained opticians. In addition to their original training, all Götti Switzerland employees have also developed other skills, such as in the fields of marketing, communication, design or photography. This enables the company to produce nearly everything internally: from designing the frames to layout, exhibition stands and even the programming of the company’s website. The brand does not produce a mass product that can be found on every corner, but is only available in selected specialty shops. These are in shops which, as is the brand itself, are oriented towards exclusive, high-quality products. Therefore, it is only logical that the opticians who choose Götti for their product range are among the best in their respective cities. Around 1,500 specialty shops are serviced locally by a team of 30 customer representatives. In addition, Götti presents its collection around the world at 15 trade fairs annually. The collection is produced by leading manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Japan. The ideal production is guaranteed by many years of partnership.

This dedication means that this collection is beautiful and amazingly crafted to make your next frame is just what you need.

To view the collection call one of our visionaries 0121 427 1007.