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New Brands and New Wine

Spring is coming and it’s time for Brittain’s annual Birthday bash.

On Thursday 10th March, from 17.30 – 19.30, Brittain’s will be hosting a wine tasting party, whilst launching the newest additions to our fabulous frame collection. Nick from will be conducting a 30 minute tasting session. He is keeping the details top secret at the moment, but it promises to be a fun evening with lots of new wine to be discovered.
Brittain Opticians would like to introduce you to, their latest addition, Face a Face.
Full of Parisian style and beautiful colours, Face a Face are a brand unlike any other.
After deciding on this wonderful feminine French brand, we thought the Bocca collection would fit in well and appeal to the ladies of Harborne most.
Bocca by Face a Face has turned into a brand of its own, acclaimed worldwide for its femininity and irresistible spirit.
Colourful cats eye frame fronts paired with seductive legs wearing stilettos, mischievous ballet flats or assertive thigh high boots…. The 2016 Bocca’s spirit is firmly rooted in the sixties.
Bocca combines metal fronts with acetate sides for the City and Plaza models, and it successfully takes on sexy devil with Tatoo – the artistic two-tone colour on their temple suggest a skirt slit, which reveals a tapered thigh and ankle sporting a very fine tattoo, a new sign of seduction.
Although our collection is heavy on Bocca frames we also stock the whole Face a Face range, so if you’re not feeling adventurous you can still get that Face a Face look without being too outrageous.


Also new for 2016 are, Swiss brand, Gotti.

Gotti will cater for customers looking for some understated quality, they are perfectly designed and hand polished to be sophisticated little pieces of art. Their acetate collection takes 200 to 250 stages before becoming a complete product and can take up to a week to produce just one frame. They are light and durable and are made from thin sheets of acetate, which are layered together to create surprising patterns. The effect is similar to looking through a kaleidoscope.

Gotti also produce a titanium range, for a combination of expert craftsmanship and high tech. They have the signature Gotti colours but are also hypo-allergenic and super-light. These are things that are an absolute must for eye wear.

So make sure you pop in on Thursday 10th March, there will be food from The Plough and plenty of wine, it’s also a great opportunity to try on Brittain’s newest collections and update your look for 2016.
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