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New Year, New You, New frames.

Happy New Year to you all, Can’t believe it’s February already.

For most of us a new year means a new you, after the over indulgence of Christmas, the new year is a time to focus on health and well being.
While you’re busy keeping your new year’s resolutions don’t forget about the importance of your eye health. Make sure you pop in to see us at Brittain Opticians to book your eye examination, we will make sure your eyes are happy and healthy for 2017.

It’s easy to neglect your eyes because they rarely hurt when there’s a problem.
Having an eye test won’t just tell you if you need new glasses or a change of prescription, it’s also an important eye health check.
It can spot many general health problems and early signs of eye conditions before you’re aware of any symptoms –many of which can be treated if found early enough.

So here are some New Years resolutions to keep you and your eyes healthy –

Give up smoking

Get moving

Eat healthily

Drink within the recommended limits

It may seem strange that these things can effect your eyes but keeping yourself in tip top condition really can have a big effect on your sight. You can also add vitamins to your daily routine. A vitamin such as Nutrof or Hyabak caps can help to ward off certain eye conditions. You can purchase both of these products at Brittains.

Once you have the basics covered, why not treat yourself to some beautifully made, hand polished eye wear from Swiss brand Gotti.

On Saturday March 9th, for one day only, we will have the whole Gotti trunk collection, Gotti cater for customers looking for some understated quality. They are perfectly designed and hand polished to be sophisticated little pieces of art, their acetate collection takes up to 250 stages before becoming a complete product and can take a week to produce just one frame. They are light and durable and are made from thin sheets of acetate, which are layered together to create an effect that is similar to looking through a Kaleidoscope.
Gotti also produce a titanium range, for a combination of expert craftsmanship and high tech. They have the signature Gotti colours but are also hypo-allergenic and super-light, these are things that are an absolute must for eye wear. Gotti are a lovely change from some of the mass produced designer frames that seem to have flooded the market.

Make sure you pop in and see us and make your next pair of specs a Gotti.

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