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An alternative to wearing glasses is to contact lenses. These lenses are tiny plastic discs, which are placed on the eye and serve the same purpose as glasses, by artificially improving the eyesight of the individual.

Contact lenses can help to rectify both long and short-sightedness and also offer practical solutions to those that enjoy playing contact sports, or for those who prefer not to wear spectacles for aesthetic reasons.

To check if contact lenses are suitable for you, we will first examine your eyes. And then, if appropriate, contact lenses will be fitted by our optometrists. They will also provide important advice and guidance on how to put lenses on your eyes, remove them and store them safely.

Brittains’ expert team of opticians can also offer guidance on the type of contact lens worn. For example, different lenses vary in the duration of time for which they can safely be used. Single use contact lenses are only worn once and then must be disposed of after use. Fortnightly and monthly wear lenses are worn for the appropriate time-frame.

We have different payment options which can make contact lenses one of the most cost effective ways of getting great vision.

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