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Your eyes are amazing. They are, after the brain, the most complex organ of your body. Constantly active processing massive amounts of information every second.

Here in our Harborne store, we pride ourselves on looking after your eyes and vision. We do this by taking our time. Your exam will be scheduled for 40 minutes, which means we can have not only a through examination but also spend time to get to know you and your eyes.

Looking after your eyes

You can help to look after your own eyesight by adopting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining well-being. Consuming certain minerals and vitamins can help lessen the effects of serious eye conditions, and, of course, sunglasses to block out those harmful UV rays are critical to your eye health.

Eye Examinations

50% of all preventable blindness can be detected at an eye test. Regular eye examinations will also discover whether or not corrective measures, such as spectacles, are needed to prevent further deterioration of the eyesight.

If you are coming to Brittain Opticians in Harborne as a new client, it would be useful for you to bring along any paperwork to do with any other eye examinations you many have had in the past, plus all your specs that you are currently wearing. If you’ve not been for an eye test for a while, here’s an outline of what you can expect:

1. A warm welcome – with a nice cup of tea or coffee, and a browse of our brilliant frames.

2. It’s all about you – getting your contact details, reason for attending, advising you of any offers available.

3. Meeting your optometrist here all the relevant details are past to the Matt or Hina.

4. The eye examination itself – Matt or Hina have over 30 years’ experience between them, they will find the best prescription for you and carry all the clinical tests to make sure your eyes are healthy. You will also get to see a picture of the back of your eyes.

5. Our expert staff will then spend time discussion what types of lenses, contact lenses or sunglasses will provide you with the most comfortable vision.

Retinal Imaging

Your eyes deserve the best eye care so we have invested in lots of new tech to help us detect problems as comfortably and early as possible. We have a no puff pressure machine which provides much more accurate results and its much more pleasant than the standard eye pressure check.

Here is our new retinal imaging machine in situ.

One of our optometrists will talk to you about the benefit of the technology next time you visit.

So call 0121 427 1007 to speak to one of our friendly team or send us a message to book in.

Team Brittain

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"What a great service at Brittains... They really make you feel like an individual and not someone on a conveyor belt like certain other high street opticians I could mention! They also make you feel you are getting great value for what is ultimately a premium purchase. What price do you put on your eyesight? Well, the guys at Brittains make the end product seem like a great deal. Nice people too!"

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