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Your eyewear has never been in safer hands at Brittains, Harborne. We hand pick all our ranges, this means we have been able to select the frame manufactures who share the same ethos as us. They strive to produce the best fitting frames, out of the highest quality materials.

They all also have a strong design ethic which produces a combination which in many cases is award winning. These produces are exclusive to us in many cases, our most exclusive range is Lindberg Horn.

Each range has been selected for unique benefits to you. So we can offer a complete range of styles, from the timeless rimless styles, to heavier acetate frames. With everything else in between.

Rimless styles are catered for with two of the oldest names in Eyewear, Lindberg and Silhouette. These manufactures both focus on weight, and have consistently produced the best rimless frames out there.

Heavy full rim frames can be found in several of our ranges. However styles don't actually have to be heavy, I know seems an odd thing to say. Have a look at the amazing 3D printed MYKITA MYLON frames these are made from a material that is 2/3rds the weight of acetate frame. They are bold frames with a distinctive look.

Metal frames have been the main stay of what is out there, however not all metal styles are born equal, in fact most are mass produced in the same way that they have been for decades. This mass production means a limitation on styles and colours that can be formed. Ørgreen, Götti and MYKITA all pride them selves on there manufacturing methods. So your next pair of frames will not only be a little different in look, with some amazing design features, but it will be light and durable.

So your Eyewear really has never been in safer hands.

Call our experts 0121 427 1007 to view some of these fantastic collections.

Looking after your specs is important to us

This is a little story one of our favourite clients told us, and it seems to fit the bill here:

"I recently picked up my new specs from Brittain Opticians, the vision is great and I'm getting lots of admiration from friends and family about how great they look, I've remembered to tell everyone where I got them from!

Then a couple of weeks go by and the lenses don't seem as clear, and I think ,"I wonder why"? Then I remember they need cleaning, so I think back to the advice given by the nice lady in the shop about how best to clean them. I've been on holiday since then and mainly been wearing my new sunnies, which are great but now I can't remember what she said............"
With this in mind we decided to write a care guide for your specs, these simple things will keep your glasses in great shape and make sure you get the best vision.

1. Clean them daily, using a cleaning spray and clean cloth.
It's really easy to forget to clean your cloth, this makes a big difference to how well it works, most cloths can be cleaned on a low temp wash. If you do this monthly they will work great, normally cloths need replacing annually. Using the spray as opposed to water is important too as it maximises how well the coating on your specs works.
When cleaning your specs it is really important to make sure that you have removed anything that may scratch the lens, either on the lens or cloth. Avoid using tissues and paper towels too.

2. Avoid big changes in temperature.
This has the effect of breaking down the coating on your glasses. Avoid using hot water, leaving your specs on your car dash board or on top of a hot radiator.

3. Keep them in the case when not in use.
Avoid placing the glasses lens side down.

4. Six monthly FREE service.
Come in and we will check your frame over to make sure nothing needs replacing. We'll give them a deep clean using our ultrasonic cleaner and also refit your glasses to make sure there working just right.

5. When removing your specs...
Avoid putting pressure on joints by taking them off with both hands, and avoid putting them on top of your head!

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