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Amazing Aussies. Are you UV protected?

Happy summertime to you all,

England may be thrashing Australia in the Ashes at the moment but there is one thing the Aussies do better than us – UV Protection.

In Australia UV protection is very important, there are regular UV alerts in all newspapers, on the radio and television and even apps for predicting the amount of harmful UV rays, us Brits are not quite so vigilant when it comes to protecting our eyes. Did you know, that even on overcast days the amount of UV can be extremely high?

In the summer we tend to spend more time outdoors, so it’s a really good idea to have a pair of top quality sunglasses. A polorized lens is always best as it will cut out harmful UV rays as well as eliminating the glare when the sun is very bright. Here at Brittain’s we stock a massive range of Maui Jim sunspecs, these have, arguably, the best lenses on the market. Specializing in prescription, polorized lenses, Maui Jim made the Forbes Magazine “one hundred things worth every penny”. We have a massive range in stock so its well worth popping in for a look.

Here at Brittain’s I get frustrated with the British public’s obsession with RayBan and Oakley, why not try something new? Maui Jim give you superior clarity and a wonderful capacity to improve colour. Maui Jim sunnies also minimize backwards glare which has always been an issue with Oakley, plus Maui’s are more scratch resistant. Add into the mix that they come in loads of fashionable styles, you really won’t want to be wearing anything else.

So make like an Aussie and get the ultimate in UV protection from Maui Jim, if its fashion you want try the brand new ‘Cloud Break’, for you sporty types out there try the classic wrapped ‘Makaha’.

Come and see us soon and we’ll make sure you’re protected this summer.


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