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Too Many Choices!

Choosing glasses is a big deal, right? Whether it’s your first pair or an update with the seasons newest frames, it is a defining wardrobe staple.

Not to worry though, we’re bringing you the top style basics for working your eyewear with confidence this winter. No matter what your look, there is a frame to suit you, trust us, we’re professionals! Here we’ll give you a quick guide on what glasses are best for you.

Face shape has a big influence on the type of frames we wear and there’s nothing better than complementing your look with the right eyewear. Some of us aren’t afraid to experiment with our glasses choice, but for those of you wanting some style tips we’re here to show you which frames will suits your face:

Long or Oval

If you have a square or long face, oval frames will help soften lines and a stronger top rim will add balance to your face shape.


Round faces should style an angular frame helping to draw attention to the top half of your face.


Heart shaped beauties need to avoid detail on the outer rims and chose a slender style of frame.


Lucky you, most styles will suit your look, so now is your time to be brave and venture out into the world of glasses.

With London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks now gone by, we’ve seen the big trends for this winter, especially in eyewear which made a huge feature on the catwalk. Lucky for us all, one of the most popular frames choices were rounded and cat eye frames, which suit most face shapes.

Glasses choice can be as much of a statement of personality as your jewellery choice, so always be true to yourself and chose what makes you feel confident and ready to face the world eyewear first!

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